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Smarter Maintenance Management With Data-Driven Decisions


January 26, 2017     3 minute read

By: Rob Almond

How the Right CMMS Can Shed Light on Your Metrics

Big data for facility maintenance management has been here for a while, but many companies have been slow to take advantage of it. A study by Software Advice (a Gartner company – the leader in technology research), asked owners and facility managers what methods they use to manage their work orders and assets—the findings were quite shocking.

  • 23% of companies still use pen and paper.
  • 12% of companies are using spreadsheets.
  • 28% of companies do NOTHING!

The issue is that without the right tools, you will miss out on some of the best insights your company has to offer. Your information should be readily accessible on any device and easy to understand with concise reporting. If the methods you are using don’t make decision processes any easier, then there are better options out there.

What an Ideal Facility Management Solution Looks Like

Managing data on paper or spreadsheets will limit the accessibility, visibility, and accuracy of your data. The ideal computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) will help you optimize your use of time and budget. When comparing solutions for work order and asset management, here are the things you should look for:

  • Intuitive data entry
  • Easy to read, consolidated reports
  • Accessibility from any device
  • Pre-vetted and ongoing compliance of service provider network
  • Strategic consulting

While there are many CMMS solutions out there, some providers will give you a greater strategic advantage over others; like those that include a service provider network, industry-specific consulting, and 24/7 support for their software. Solutions that include strategic consulting and a quality service provider network will help to ensure your ROI.

As you decide on what CMMS platform to choose, you’ll want the system that aligns closest with your needs and allows you to focus on making smart decisions rather than managing your data.

A Proven Approach to Maintenance Management

NEST offers a three-pronged approach to facility management. With a state-of-the-art maintenance management software, industry-specific consulting, and a pre-vetted list of service providers, the NEST Method helps our clients focus on what matters most, running their business. Here’s a closer look at the three components:

  1. NEST Facilitate™

Our CMMS software makes data entry simple and intuitive with easy navigation and consolidated reporting. Its dashboards can be customized predicated on user level. It can also be scaled for use in a single location or for multiple facilities. The maintenance software allows facility managers of each location to quickly enter work orders and enables executives to view consolidated reports of all their locations.

Backed by our in-house “live” 24/7 support, it’s a powerful maintenance management tool that will help you optimize your maintenance budgets and spending.

  1. NEST Consult™

Imagine what you could do with a certified consulting expert in your industry helping you strategize your maintenance budget and spending. You could optimize the frequency of preventative maintenance or discover better products that can reduce your long-term spending.

Our consulting service will allow you to reduce your overhead, ensuring that you stay within budget by leveraging the data from NEST Facilitate. With push reporting and live feedback of your data, your Chief Strategy Officer can ensure you have fully leveraged your technology.

  1. NEST ISP™ Network

The NEST Independent Service Provider (ISP) Network is the most extensive network of maintenance service providers in the country—on call for your facilities 24/7. The network is made up of vetted, guaranteed compliant service providers that surpass industry standards and regulations. Our ISPs are constantly checked for quality of service and performance with weighted scorecards.

With our ISP Network, we’re able to make sure jobs are done right. Using a detailed tracking system, ISPs and facility managers can sign off on tasks and attach photos for documentation.

What does your ideal facility maintenance solution look like? 

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