Facility Maintenance Tips for Summer: HVAC and Landscaping

Facility maintenance is all about preparation. As the weather changes, so should the focus of your maintenance budgeting strategy. With warm summer months upon us, HVAC and landscaping should become the two most important maintenance projects to keep in check. Did you inspect your HVAC system after spring? Have you prepped your facility for summer… Continue Reading >

How to Optimize Your Maintenance Cost Control Strategy

By: Rick Sung, Vice President of Sales Attempting to manage dwindling funds halfway through a budget cycle can be a difficult situation, especially when emergency maintenance needs arise. Too many times businesses are hit with unexpected maintenance fees that cause overspending, which makes it near impossible to consistently stay within budget. If you find that your… Continue Reading >

How to Simplify Retail Rollouts, Remodels, and Retrofits

Whether you’re a seasonal retail business or in the process of rebranding multiple stores, there are a lot of moving parts when it comes to managing construction rollouts, remodels, and retrofits. Deadlines, tight budgets, and quality of work are all major concerns of retail project management, so it’s important that you’re always able to break… Continue Reading >

Build the Ultimate Team to Reduce Facility Maintenance Costs

By: Jason Bishop To build the ultimate facilities maintenance management team, chances are you don’t need better people. Your people just need better tools to help manage your existing assets. Today, companies most commonly track their assets and work orders in one of three ways: Paper-based methods Spreadsheets Complex software The problem is that these… Continue Reading >

Smarter Maintenance Management With Data-Driven Decisions

By: Rob Almond How the Right CMMS Can Shed Light on Your Metrics Big data for facility maintenance management has been here for a while, but many companies have been slow to take advantage of it. A study by Software Advice (a Gartner company – the leader in technology research), asked owners and facility managers what methods they use… Continue Reading >

The Secret to Success

By: Robert Almond, Jr. This past week, my Operations Team and I had our final offsite meeting of the year. While we all know it’s December, it didn’t really hit me until our Pollyanna lunch that another year was just about in the books, and what a year it has been. From a growth perspective,… Continue Reading >

Strategies and Tools for Reducing Facilities Maintenance Costs

By: Jon Brumbaugh Finding and implementing new ways to optimize facility maintenance spending is a difficult undertaking, yet it is a necessity for long-term success. With an optimal maintenance strategy, you can craft better budget structures and prevent wasted money on failing or aging equipment. So, how can you optimize and reduce your facilities maintenance… Continue Reading >

Getting More From Business Technologies in 2017

By: Jon Brumbaugh As the year races to an end, it’s time to start looking ahead to 2017. At this point, it’s always important to clarify your vision for the company’s success in the coming year and prioritize the initiatives that will be critical to execute on in order to achieve your goals. While you… Continue Reading >

Know Your Assets. Manage Your Assets.

By: Jason Bishop In the world of facility maintenance, nothing is worse than receiving a call from a store manager that a major fixture is broken.  Is this a normal recurrence or an isolated incident? Is this a case of an asset at the end of its life expectancy – or the indication of a… Continue Reading >