Tackling R&M with Integrated Facilities Management

By: Mark Hagan Repairs and maintenance, known in the industry as R&M, is the bread and butter of any business’s facilities management (FM) program. Coordinating with third party contractors, resolving repair requests and enacting routine maintenance measures all fall under the umbrella of R&M, and it’s typically the facilities manager’s job to oversee these operations…. Continue Reading >

What Is Integrated Facilities Management?

By: Rick Sung, Vice President Sales Avoiding operational silos is crucial for any enterprise, and it’s especially important for your facilities team. Getting stuck in a siloed rut, which can happen when individual employees or entire departments don’t have the tools they need to effectively collaborate, can lead to stifled progress and untapped opportunities. In… Continue Reading >

Mitigating Risk in Facilities Management

By: Philipp Kaeferle, General Counsel Risk is something every business leader must consider, manage and ideally mitigate in order to keep their enterprise and their patrons safe. It is also a topic on the minds of facilities managers, contractors and service providers, as these professionals must not only ensure the safety of a facility’s occupants,… Continue Reading >

Budgets Shrink, Expectations Rise: How Can You Succeed?

By: Jason Cesare, Chief Financial Officer Even for CFOs who are masters of their craft, tackling the annual budget can present some complex challenges and tough judgment calls. Between balancing your facilities management (FM) team’s financial needs and the larger needs of your organization, you may find yourself being pulled in several different directions at… Continue Reading >

How Service Level Agreements Ensure Exceptional Performance

By: Mark Hagan, Director of Operations, Trade Services When embarking on a new business partnership, it’s vitally important to institute a few ground rules to ensure both parties understand what their responsibilities are, and how they tie to overall performance. Whether you’re providing services or receiving them, establishing these “rules of engagement” in writing at… Continue Reading >

How NEST® Helps Service Providers Achieve Growth

By: Amy Bielecki, Director of Marketing For many contractors working in the maintenance and facilities management (FM) field, there comes a time when growth becomes a top priority. All savvy business owners strive to grow in some capacity—in size, staff and almost always in revenue—but not all contractors, or independent service providers (ISPs), are equipped… Continue Reading >

How to Prepare Your Facilities for Weather Emergencies

By: Bob Baumann, NEST Capital Improvements & Construction Manager What do banks, grocery stores, restaurants and retail chains all have in common? While their daily operations differ in lots of ways, their facilities are all susceptible to natural disasters, severe weather events and other dangerous emergencies. And with these events comes considerable risk, which is… Continue Reading >

Managing Expectations: Building Strong Relationships with Your Service Providers

By: Michael Cannistra, Director of Compliance By definition, relationships require cooperation and collaboration from both parties involved if they’re going to work. This is true of personal relationships and business relationships alike. From collaborating with clients to partnering with external enterprises, organizations large and small benefit from forming working relationships with like-minded entities. Whether you’re… Continue Reading >

What Strategic CIOs Need to Know About Facilities Management

By: Michael Toth, Chief Information Officer As the role of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) continues to evolve into an increasingly strategic one, we are finally getting a seat at the executive table. And thanks to their growing reliance on new technologies, businesses across the board are recognizing the value a knowledgeable CIO can bring… Continue Reading >