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What Are the Costs Associated With Work Order Management Software?


July 28, 2022     4 minute read

Work order management software (WOMS) is an essential tool in the facilities management toolbox. Used daily by multiple stakeholders, especially in multi-site facilities management (FM) programs, WOMS is the technology platform used for work order tracking, plus any combination of functions such as program and asset data review, updates, storage, and retrieval.

When integrated with other program components in a top, Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) solution一such as NEST’s一your WOMS platform can deliver substantially more value to your FM program as a whole and at no additional cost.

Here, we look at the costs associated with work order management software, both on a standalone basis, and as part of NEST’s IFM solution.

Costs related to work order management software (WOMS) will generally depend on the features and functionality of the platform. A basic work order management system consists of automated work order tracking. As its name suggests, this functionality assigns, tracks, and logs unplanned work orders, such as a burst water pipe or HVAC malfunction.

Standard work order data typically includes store location and a brief issue description. As service providers complete tasks, work order status is updated until the work order is closed. WOMS can perform as a standalone platform or integrate with other business systems and apps to increase functionality.

Work Order Management Software Cost 

Most WOMS use subscription pricing charged per user, work order, and by location. Subscriptions are generally billed monthly, annually, or multi-annually. The software is typically deployed as “Software-as-a-Service” or “Saas,” hosted on the provider’s servers, and accessed via the internet.

While many WOMS vendors don’t share pricing upfront, indicative pricing can range widely. For example, monthly fees per user can range from $20/month to $100/month or higher, depending on supplemental features and customizations. 

Supplemental Features & Customizations Impacting WOMS Cost

Some of the more popular add-ons include the following:

  • Real-Time Activity Review – Access to work order status in real time can be granted to additional platform users beyond the assigned service provider, such as FM managers and C-suite members, among others. This can save the time required to complete work orders when multiple parties are involved or relay information to a wide range of stakeholders.
  • Access Control – Security is a concern when hundreds of providers and other stakeholders are using a shared WOMS platform. Permission management can limit stakeholder access only to where they’re needed at any given time across facilities, equipment, and other assets.
  • Automatic Invoicing – An automated invoice management feature can save significant time for service providers and others. Once a work order is initiated, an invoice, including coding and purchase order match, is generated for review and approval.
  • Automated Scheduling of Preventative Maintenance (PM) –  A preventative maintenance plan can help extend asset life, and WOMS with automated scheduling functionality helps ensure PM stays current and backlogs are minimized.
  • Asset History – WOMS that can house asset history across the store fleet helps improve operational efficiency and makes everyone’s job easier. When warranty information, maintenance records, photos, notes一even depreciation data一are available in the field, problem diagnosis and resolution can happen faster.
  • Reporting – Robust reporting functionality enables FM managers to track performance data, trends, and future program needs more effectively. It can inform decision making on maintenance scheduling, process improvements, and other program best practices. 
  • Mobile App – Enabling users to access the WOMS platform from anywhere at any time一especially the field一is almost a must-have. For example, service providers can create work orders from the field and, when combined with asset resources, review history, warranty, and other information related to the task at hand. Other stakeholders, such as those at corporate HQ, can obtain program data directly without having to request it from FM first.

Subscription or “Tech” Fees

Many WOMS platforms charge selected users, including service providers, subscription or “tech” fees to use them. This is ostensibly to cover the cost of developing and maintaining a sophisticated technology platform customizable to client requirements. Service providers will typically pass on these costs to clients, making companies paying twice for external team members to access the platform.

However, as part of its IFM solution, NEST’s smart WOMS platform, Facilitate, is free to use for IFM clients and their permissioned external users, including service providers.

Limited or No Business System Integration 

Your work order management software can take your program only so far without integrations with an analytics platform and existing business systems. Simply put, data isn’t valuable unless it can impact your organization. Sometimes this can be straightforward, as in identifying reductions in program spend. In other cases, analytics can help visualize meaningful trends and themes otherwise obscured. 

With fluid integrations, actionable FM data and analytics can be handily accessed by finance, sales, operations, logistics, and other business units to inform business strategy and decision making. Integrations also save time for internal teams tasked with ferrying data from one system to another, and reduce the chance of error or delay.

NEST’s IFM Solution & Work Order Management Software, Facilitate

Facilitate can optimize work order flows, drive operational efficiencies, uncover program savings opportunities, and scale with your business. 

Unlike other WOMS, there is no standalone cost for Facilitate, regardless of the number of users or locations. Features such as reporting, mobile app access, and many others listed above are standard一and as aforementioned, all without tech or subscription fees. 

Facilitate’s best-in-class technology also integrates with your organization’s business systems, enabling 360° FM program transparency. An intuitive, web-based interface makes Facilitate easy to navigate, and users from the field to the C-suite can access Facilitate via the mobile app anywhere, anytime.

Facilitate is at the heart of NEST’s industry-leading IFM solution. With other solution components such as an Independent Service Provider (ISP) network, Operational Command Center, powerful analytics, and financial consulting, Facilitate helps move FM from a purely tactical business unit to one with strategic significance.

To learn more about Facilitate and how NEST’s IFM solution can help revolutionize your FM program, contact NEST today.

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