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Optimize Your Facility Management Program With the NEST Facilitate App


October 13, 2021     4 minute read

NEST’s integrated facilities management (IFM) solution provides today’s facility management (FM) teams with the tools they need to improve operations, advance program productivity, and enhance overall organizational agility.

Facilitate, NEST’s proprietary end-to-end work order platform, plays a key role in the delivery of its IFM solution, especially with its mobile-friendly functionality. With the Facilitate mobile app, you can access real-time data from anywhere at any time to improve FM program efficiencies and empower strategic decision making.

Here are a few ways you can optimize your FM program with NEST’s Facilitate app.

View All Program Locations & Contact Data

Save time from the field with Facilitate’s comprehensive list of FM program locations and contact information. After you log in, you’ll see a custom list of all locations you oversee, including clickable contact information. No need to waste time scrolling through your device for updated phone numbers or email addresses. Simply click on the contact phone number to launch your device dialer and initiate contact.

Automate Daily Workflow for Every Work Order

The lifecycle of most work orders includes several stages and participants. Valuable time and service details are often lost in the handoffs between steps一stalling progress and compounding knock-on effects such as downtime and lost revenue.

Facilitate automates daily workflows so that all information and updates are saved and carried forward. The platform includes secure portals for inhouse users and independent service providers (ISPs) to enter information as needed wherever they are. In addition, users throughout the workflow can get alerts of work order progress. Users can even interact with the NEST Operations team if necessary. In effect, you’ll be able to better manage time so that workflow is optimized.

View Open Work Orders by Location

To get better visibility into program activity by location, just click on a location in the Facilitate app. From there, you’ll get a list of all open work orders at that location.

Details include:

  • Work order ID number.
  • Status (In Triage, In Progress, Scheduled, etc.).
  • Category (Floor Cleaning, Fence Repair, HVAC, etc.).
  • Task (Replace broken window lock).
  • Work order creation date.
  • Scheduled work or repair date.
  • Independent Service Provider (ISP) (if assigned).
  • Quote description.

You can even customize fields to fit your specific program needs. No need to locate一or interrupt一 the location manager to get a status update. The information is at your fingertips, enabling you to take action when necessary, more quickly.

Check Open Work Orders by Status

Alternatively, you can view your FM program by open work orders. This functionality displays and ranks work orders by status, such as New, Open, On Hold, etc. Each listed work order includes:

  • Work order ID number.
  • Status.
  • Category.
  • Location ID.
  • Location address.
  • ISP (if assigned).

Status updates are available in real time from NEST’s Operations team, enabling you to prioritize corrective action and even reallocate spend when necessary.

Create New Work Orders on the Go

Creating new work orders from anywhere is a breeze with the Facilitate app. No need to get back to the office to start your paperwork. Access easy-to-use drop-down menus for location, category, and task. There’s even a field to include a description or photos, should you want to add more detail. Once the work order is in the system, the NEST Operations team, available 24/7/365, can get started on it right away.

Include Notes, Photos, & Documents

Sometimes a work order update needs a little more information than just a status change. It may be necessary to include a more thorough explanation or upload a photo or document to keep things moving. You can add this content from the field right from your device. The data will be attached to the work order so that all users can access it.

Never Pay Service Provider一or Technology Subscription一Fees

Many work order management systems charge fees for vendor access. And since service providers need to use the technology to receive and update work orders, these costs are generally passed on to you. At a few dollars per location, per work order, service provider fees can add up quickly.

With NEST, however, ISP access to Facilitate, including the app, is always at no cost, which can save a bundle.

Furthermore, with Facilitate, you’ll never be charged so-called “tech fees,” either. These charges, common to other work order management systems, typically cover the ongoing maintenance and development of the provider technology platform and are part of your subscription fee. With Facilitate there are zero added or hidden subscription fees. That’s right, zero.

Easily Scale as Your Organizational Needs Grow

Organizations with 50 locations have different program requirements than those with 1,000 locations. Facilitate is a turnkey solution designed to meet the needs of your business no matter the size, and can scale with it as it grows.

Transform Your FM Program With NEST Today

NEST’s Facilitate app includes these features and many more一and works as part of NEST’s holistic IFM solution. With NEST you get smart technology, powerful analytics, operational excellence, financial consulting, and ISP service delivery一everything you need to transform your FM program from good to great.

Contact NEST to learn more about the Facilitate app and how our comprehensive IFM solution can help optimize your FM program, today.

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