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What Are the Benefits of Being a NEST Service Provider?


September 22, 2021     4 minute read

NEST’s Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) solution includes five primary components that work together to deliver industry-leading facilities management (FM) services to our clients: smart technology, powerful analytics, operational excellence, financial consulting, and independent service provider (ISP) delivery.

Our clients, however, are not the only beneficiaries of our IFM solution. Serving as a member of the NEST ISP network, 26,000 strong and growing, provides several unique opportunities that simply can’t be replicated elsewhere in the industry. Interested? Take a look.

Work With Regional & National Brands 

For most service providers, access to large, multi-site companies is out of reach. Without the resources to accommodate the needs of major organizations, local skilled tradespeople in the FM space are often limited to working with smaller companies and their accompanying challenges such as smaller jobs, inconsistent scheduling and workflows, payment delays, and business cycle vulnerabilities.

However, as a member of the NEST ISP network, you’ll be part of a larger team that together meets the FM demands of some of the biggest and best brands anywhere, like JOANN Stores, Party City, Ross, Lush, Lilly Pulitzer, and many others.

Streamline Work Order Workflows

When you work with NEST, you’ll be able to leverage the industry-leading work order platform, Facilitate, to streamline your end-to-end work order processes and management. From assignment and scheduling to progress tracking, client communication, and payment processing, our work order software is simple to use, mobile enabled, and accessible to your whole team. 

Logging updates and running custom reports are also possible from the field and in real time, saving valuable hours and improving workflow efficiencies. Facilitate is also free for our ISP network to use. We don’t charge our service providers tech fees to use our software, ever

And if working with current technologies hasn’t been part of your workflows recently, we can help change that. We are committed to our service providers’ success. With the assistance of our Compliance and eLearning teams, we can provide the technical guidance and training you need to work confidently with our systems and resources. 

Grow Your Business & Service Offerings

With larger jobs, longer contracts, and more reliable repeat business, you’ll have the opportunity to grow your business, topline revenue, and client base. And with more dependable payment cycles, you’ll be able to hire additional technicians more easily as you build. We’ll even help guide you on how you might expand your service offerings. Grow from providing handyman services to include flooring, general contracting, or lighting, for example. Or add janitorial services, power washing, and carpet cleaning to your existing window washing business. These are just some of the ways a few of our ISPs have expanded their service offerings since joining NEST.

Improve Your Service Delivery

At NEST, we understand that when you succeed, we succeed. That’s why we support our ISP network with training and feedback from our Quality Assurance (QA) team. They are the boots on the ground at client locations across the country ensuring you have what you need to meet our clients’ service specifications and brand standards every time一even exceed client expectations.

And importantly, our QA team is just as available to the ISP network after hours as they are from 9 to 5一whether it’s onsite or coaching over the phone. Whenever you need us, we’re here to help.

Get Assistance With Compliance Requirements 

Keeping up with service compliance and insurance requirements can be a full-time job. Who has time to spend the day managing all that? As a member of the NEST ISP network, however, you can rest assured that we’ve got your back.

Our Compliance team ensures that ISP network members stay current every year with required licenses, insurance, training requirements, background checks, and more. This helps protect our service providers from potential legal troubles down the road. In particular, the team can answer questions and help facilitate the completion of what you need, when you need it. And with our easy-to-use vendor portal, uploading and downloading related documentation is a snap. 

Reduce Billing & Payment Delays 

With NEST Facilitate work order software, invoicing is also a piece of cake. The easy-to-use dashboard enables you to include all details from the field, in real time. Fees are aligned with service level agreements (SLAs), so there’s no need to keep track of overtime, trip charges, or emergency callout charges. Additionally, managing your company’s cash flow is a lot less stressful with a regular payment cadence directly from NEST.

Access Special Pricing for Supplies & Cleaning Materials

When it comes to purchasing needed work items, being part of a national network really pays off. As a NEST independent service provider, you can access significant savings on essential supplies and cleaning materials.

Come Work With Us! 

At NEST we’re always looking to expand our ISP network with qualified and experienced professionals like you. We're committed to delivering the industry’s best IFM solution and would strive to showcase your remarkable work and expertise as part of the process.

Contact NEST to learn more about our ISP network, our collaborative environment, and how partnering with us as an ISP can help you grow your business. 

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