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Why Your Work Order Management Software Needs to Be Mobile


October 28, 2022     3 minute read

External service providers, internal facilities management (FM) team members, corporate, and other stakeholders engage with your FM program for various reasons, from many locations, all the time. To do their jobs efficiently, they often need access to program data whenever and wherever they are.

In short, your work order management software (WOMS) needs to be mobile. Let’s look at some of the main benefits of mobile WOMS in more detail.


Reduces FM Program Costs 

In a labor-intensive function such as facilities management, time and inefficiencies can be primary drivers of program expense. If service providers spend additional hours in person, in front of a computer screen, or on the phone providing updates, asking questions, downloading information, or creating invoices, that’ll cost you. Some sites may not even have an appropriate  computer or workstation to access work order management software in the first place.

With mobile functionality, these tasks can be done in the field with a phone, for example, more efficiently and in less time. What could typically take hours can take mere minutes and reduce program costs. With mobile functionality, that service provider can complete work order tasks and move to their next job rather than take ample time out to keep the team informed and paperwork moving.


Streamlines Logistics 

Locating contact information, scheduling work, and rescheduling (when necessary) can be a drag, especially if you’re out in the field and don’t have your calendar handy. A mobile WOMS with scheduling functionality enables users to streamline logistics such as these using their devices一phone, tablet, or laptop一regardless of whether they're in the office. And when all users can see a master calendar, providers and others don’t get double booked or overlooked.

In addition, a mobile software platform can provide visibility on where team members are across the fleet. If a site needs a plumber for an emergency pipe repair, you can see who’s nearest and dispatch the closest available provider to get the job done more quickly. This can save time and fuel costs and simplify logistics across your sites. 


Increases Communication & Collaboration

When communication is convenient, people are more likely to do it. Mobile functionality enables team members to easily provide updates, ask questions, and leave comments from their devices. Collaboration is also enhanced, as assigned team members can follow conversation threads and contribute as needed, again, from anywhere. 


Improves Operational Efficiencies 

Mobile WOMS can improve operational efficiencies in several ways: 

  • Users can access repair instructions, comments, and asset history from the field. Even warranty information can be consulted in real time—no need to call HQ to have someone dig it out of a file cabinet again.
  • Work order status and field data can also be logged, changed, and reviewed on the ground. Inventory management is also easier and more efficient. Users can check whether a particular part is in inventory from a repair site. And they can even put in a purchase order for a needed part—right from there.
  • SMS capability enables providers to check in and out of service. Once service delivery begins or finishes, vendors can use the mobile app to sign and submit their work orderーeliminating the trip back to the office to complete the required paperwork.
  • Site managers can provide service verification data without leaving the floor. Capturing feedback on service delivery from the field is essential to understanding program performance, and the mobile app makes this task easy and quick for site managers who can’t leave during business hours.


Expands Data Access

One of the biggest hassles related to FM is accessing the correct program data in the desired format at the right time. For example, FM data that’s manually provided via spreadsheet can be time consuming, labor intensive, and at greater risk for human error. Integration with existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) software empowers other users to access the FM data they need remotely, even if they’re preparing for a meeting in another state.


NEST’s Work Order Management Software, Facilitate

As part of its comprehensive Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) solution, NEST provides industry-leading, proprietary WOMS called Facilitate. The platform grants full visibility into FM operations and service delivery to improve program efficiencies and uncover cost savings一without “tech” or subscription fees.  

Facilitate’s comprehensive mobile functionality empowers users from the boardroom to the field to access and update actionable data, from anywhere. An intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard makes learning and using the software a cinch.

When combined with NEST’s other IFM components一an Independent Service Provider (ISP) network, 24/7 operational command center, powerful analytics, and financial consulting一 Facilitate helps optimize your FM program, increase productivity, and improve organizational agility.

To learn more about how Facilitate and its mobile functionality can enhance efficiencies and transform your FM program performance, contact NEST today.

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