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How to Transition to an IFM Model Effectively


October 27, 2021     4 minute read

Facilities management (FM) is an essential but increasingly complex business function, especially for multi-site companies and those experiencing rapid growth. A strategic Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) solution transforms an existing program by improving operations, enhancing company brand execution, capturing cost savings, and boosting organizational effectiveness.

Transitioning to an IFM model can involve considerable organizational change and time but is achievable with an IFM partner that provides ongoing support.

To learn how to do so effectively, follow these steps.

First, What Is an IFM Model?

An IFM model is a comprehensive approach to FM in which all systems, services, operational support, and reporting are integrated by an outsourced, specialized provider, such as NEST. At the center is an advanced technology platform to oversee end-to-end work order management, execution, and maintenanceーalong with a service provider networkーand a robust reporting capability to track progress, efficiencies, and goals achieved.

A well-executed IFM model streamlines workflows, reduces redundancies, increases operational efficiencies and program visibility, and saves money. It should also scale with your organization.

Choose the Right IFM Provider

Choosing the right IFM provider will be crucial to your overall success. Consider those that follow industry best practices, are strategic in their FM approach, and have a service history in your field.

At NEST, we offer an enterprise IFM model that elevates facilities management to enable your business to thrive in today’s and tomorrow’s competitive business ecosystem. NEST’s solution is customizable, easy to use, scalable, and has the features you need to optimize FM operations across your fleet.

Our model includes an end-to-end proprietary work order management system, deep and vetted independent service provider network, financial insights and predictive analytics, 24/7 operational assistance, and support from leadership with more than 27 years of industry experience.

Furthermore, NEST’s Implementation team assists from your first kick-off meeting to the end of your transition. The team covers scheduling, operations and training to invoice and billing management, testing, customized playbooks with workflow development, and more. By the time your IFM Go-Live date arrives, you’ll be ready to roll.

Perform an Audit of Your Current FM Program

To get the most out of an IFM solution, identify the limitations of your current FM program. Undertake a comprehensive review of existing business management systems and processes. Look for inefficiencies and overlap across workflows, including asset and facility repair and maintenance, downtime一planned and unplanned一service provider work product and costs, work order management, and data capture and analysis.

This can be a sizable task, but it’s a necessary step to fully assess the health of your FM program and improve your organization. The Implementation team can take the lead in analyzing current processes, identifying issues, and evaluating savings opportunities. The right IFM solution does more than just solve problems. By increasing organizational agility, it helps move your business to a stronger strategic footing.

Get the Support of Senior Stakeholders

To get the backing from senior stakeholders, reinforce the benefits from the fully integrated FM model. Highlight more streamlined operations, improved program visibility, cost efficiencies, and scalability. Importantly, these benefits translate to bottom-line savings and better competitive positioning for the company一important advantages that will pay off for years.

At NEST, our Implementation team regularly works with our client partners to address questions and concerns stakeholders may have. The team can provide the support you need throughout the transition process, including data, references, or other collateral.

Frame Transition Objectives to Align With Broader Business Goals

Ensure that the organization’s communication strategy aligns transition objectives with broader business goals. By improving efficiencies and saving money throughout your fleet, a well-executed, quality IFM solution can help move the organization forward.

NEST can help identify and implement the FM KPIs that best illustrate this connection for your organization. This will not only strengthen support during the transition but validate future spend, too. When the whole company is moving in the same direction, you’ll get farther, sooner.

Prepare the Company for the Transition

Prepare management and staff beforehand with expected timing, milestones, and any potential disruption. Ensure resources are allocated for adequate training, and plan for the possibility that existing workflows may slow down while the transition is underway. Assure your colleagues that once things are in place, the journey will be worth the effort. After all, their jobs are likely to improve once the IFM solution is up and running.

And you can relax一you won’t have to manage all of this on your own. NEST’s implementation team provides full support during this stage with a comprehensive, client-specific rollout (with Gantt charting) that identifies phases, scheduling, tasks, task leads, and more一and all for zero fees.

Overcommunicate Throughout the Transition

Transitioning to an IFM model will take time. It’s a project that includes coordination, dependencies, and a bit of patience. As with any project, communication will be key to its success, and more is generally better than less. Start early and communicate often. Identify benefits, steps, and progress. Find change leaders and early adopters who will provide inspiration and on-the-ground support.

Importantly, give all stakeholders ample opportunity to provide feedback and take ownership of the process, too. People are more likely to help a project succeed if they have some skin in the game.

And when you need the support, we’re there to help. NEST is here to assist your organization through all phases of the transition.

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