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NEST Releases Inaugural Social Responsibility Report


September 27, 2023     3 minute read

(PHILADELPHIA – Sept. 27, 2023) NEST, the pioneer of integrated facilities management, released its inaugural Social Responsibility Report, highlighting the company’s environmental stewardship, social programming, diversity, equity, inclusion, and ethics. The report revealed new impactful programs, including “Trees for ISPs,” where NEST plants a tree for select work completed through its network of 26,000 Independent Service Providers (ISPs). 

“We recognize that our work at NEST impacts thousands of companies, employees, and the environment,” said Rob Almond, CEO of NEST. “We believe that true success means making a positive impact through every facet of our operation. With this vision at our core, we are proud to present our inaugural Social Responsibility Report and offer a transparent overview of our accomplishments, challenges, and future aspirations.”

Highlights of NEST’s 2023 Social Responsibility Report:

  • 2,000+ trees were planted in the month of September to offset carbon emissions for select work orders completed through ISP Connect, a mobile communications tool that ISPs utilize when performing work for NEST’s 60,000 retail and multi-site locations. ISP Connect also eliminates the need for physical paperwork, further impacting the world’s tree population in a positive way.
  • $500,000+ donated to over 75 charities through NEST Nurtures, which was established in 2020
  • 20,000+ light bulbs replaced in the last year to be more energy-efficient
  • 250+ HVAC units replaced in the last year
  • 575.28 metric tons of CO2e saved as a result of NEST's hybrid work environment in the last year

NEST also outlined how it implements best practices, including its status as a SOC2-certified organization. NEST meets the American Institute of CPAs (AICPA) industry standard for customer data management. The AICPA standard is based on five Trust Services Criteria: security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy. 

To download the full report, go to enternest.com/social-responsibility

About NEST Nurtures

As the charitable arm of NEST, NEST Nurtures focuses on supporting nonprofits and improving communities throughout North America. Founded in 2020, NEST Nurtures aims to expand the company’s longtime philanthropic endeavors that have been part of NEST’s core values since its inception in 1994. Employees and partners often nominate NEST Nurtures’ beneficiaries. To learn more, go to enternest.com/our-company/nest-nurtures.

About NEST’s Independent Service Provider network

As the pioneer of the Integrated Facilities Management industry, NEST has built a world-class Independent Service Provider (ISP) network. Since 1994, NEST has established over 26,000 partnerships to build a network of skilled tradespeople in the facility maintenance and management fields. NEST provides its partners with training, education, compliance support, and the opportunity to grow their local businesses. Through an end-to-end ISP management process, NEST’s ISP Network brings high-quality work to more than 60,000 retail and multi-site locations across North America. To learn more, go to enternest.com/nest-sourcing-isp or follow NEST on LinkedIn.

About NEST

NEST is the pioneer of the Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) industry in the United States and Canada. Founded in 1994, NEST delivers day-to-day tactical management of facilities, financial consulting, analytics, project management, and construction for major multi-site brands across North America. NEST provides 360° support 24 hours a day through one comprehensive facilities management solution that drives cost savings while maintaining an exceptional customer experience. To learn more about NEST, visit enterNEST.com or follow NEST on LinkedIn.

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