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Beyond the Bottom Line: Choosing an Integrated Facilities Management Partner


May 21, 2024     3 minute read

In today’s business landscape, companies are increasingly looking beyond conventional success metrics. Partnering with an Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) provider not only ensures operational excellence and cost efficiency but, with the right partner, also has the opportunity to align with broader, impactful corporate values such as support for the skilled trades, active philanthropy, and helping communities.

Operational Excellence Meets Corporate Responsibility

Effective facilities management encompasses more than just maintaining and optimizing operations; it's about fostering community growth and development. By integrating operational excellence with a commitment to social impact, facilities management can enhance service offerings while contributing to the greater good.

For example, energy-efficient systems and sustainable building materials can reduce facilities' carbon footprints. Regular maintenance and upgrades to HVAC systems, lighting, and insulation can lead to significant energy savings, which not only lower operational costs but also support environmental conservation.

Additionally, embracing technology and going digital can significantly reduce paper usage, benefiting the environment. Finding an IFM provider that encourages employees and clients to adopt digital solutions is very important in today’s age, not only for operational effectiveness, but to contribute to environmental efforts.

Elevating Skilled Trades

With the skilled labor market facing significant challenges in the U.S. and Canada, addressing this crisis is not just a necessity but an opportunity to foster a sustainable workforce. By collaborating with industry leaders across construction, retail, and skilled trades, organizations can reinvigorate interest in skilled trades careers—viewing them as not only viable but as noble professions. These careers are essential to the backbone of every economy, involving critical roles in electrical, plumbing, HVAC, janitorial services, and construction.

Having Integrated Facilities Management (IFM) providers that elevate the skilled trades and make concerted efforts to increase the number of specialists entering the workforce is crucial for several reasons. The current shortage in the skilled trades threatens the sustainability of essential services that keep facilities running smoothly. Without a robust pipeline of skilled workers, the quality and reliability of these services could decline, leading to increased costs and operational inefficiencies. The future of facilities management depends on a steady supply of skilled labor. As the existing workforce ages and retires, the gap in skilled labor will only widen if proactive measures are not taken now. 

By promoting trades as desirable career paths and providing training and apprenticeship opportunities, IFM providers can ensure that a new generation of skilled workers is ready to step in.

Philanthropy in Action

In addition to operational and workforce initiatives, supporting the community through charitable efforts is crucial. Establishing a charitable arm can expand a company's commitment to philanthropy, allowing employees and partners to nominate and support beneficiaries. This creates a direct impact on the communities where they live and work, fostering a sense of shared responsibility and community growth.

Working with a facilities management provider that prioritizes philanthropy allows you to align with a partner that shares your values. This alignment can foster a stronger working relationship, as both parties are committed to making a positive impact on society beyond their core business activities.

Additionally, this partnership demonstrates the both organization’s commitment to corporate social responsibility. This can enhance their brand image, build trust with stakeholders, and show customers that they are aligned with ethical and socially responsible partners. 

Looking Forward

Through NEST, businesses can enjoy the dual benefits of operational success and enhanced corporate responsibility, paving the way for a holistic approach to business. We are committed to continuing our role as industry leaders. We ensure that our clients benefit not only from unparalleled facilities management but also from a partnership that actively contributes to societal betterment.

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