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How to Simplify Retail Rollouts, Remodels, and Retrofits


March 21, 2017     4 minute read

Whether you’re a seasonal retail business or in the process of rebranding multiple stores, there are a lot of moving parts when it comes to managing construction rollouts, remodels, and retrofits. Deadlines, tight budgets, and quality of work are all major concerns of retail project management, so it’s important that you’re always able to break through barriers as they present themselves. If you don’t have the right team or management tools, completing a project within your target parameters will be a difficult undertaking.

To efficiently manage a construction project, you need to have the following:

  • Tools for tracking assets so you can stay within budget
  • Certified and insured service providers with proven quality work
  • Responsible staff to monitor construction and report on progress

Accounting for all of these factors can be difficult. However, you could partner with a facility management company that manages the bulk of your projects for you. With the right partner, you can cut technology and service provider costs and ultimately reduce your overhead.

Partnering with NEST can help to optimize your maintenance management strategy by providing comprehensive programs for construction maintenance management. NEST offers pre-planning, service provider contracting, reporting, onsite project oversight, and fixed pricing. Here’s how NEST can help optimize your maintenance management strategy.

How NEST Can Streamline Retail Maintenance Management

As the leader in construction and facility maintenance management, NEST brings great value to new product line rollouts, remodels, and seasonal retrofit initiatives. To guarantee project success, NEST provides:

  • A dedicated strategic adviser committed to your project’s success
  • A proven plan that will yield guaranteed results
  • A detailed budget and a dedicated team to manage, execute, and track performance
  • A total-cost-of-ownership approach that includes people, a strategic process, and technology insight

Here’s a closer look at a major retrofit project’s success:

The Success Story of a Seasonal Retail Pop-up Store

A seasonal retail store came to NEST with a project to retrofit 1100 stores within four months. Each location had unknown conditions and custom specifications. The scope of work asked for sign installation, electrical for cash wraps and displays, safe installation, fixture installation, fire protection, and HVAC inspection. We also had to ensure any HVAC, fire safety, or electrical installation were brought up to city codes.

The NEST Solution

With a high volume, tight deadlines, and a tight budget, we knew the NEST approach could break through any permitting challenge, code violation, or unexpected barrier that stood in the way. Here are five major points of actions we took to deliver this project on time and within budget:

  1. We first developed a build-out list to get an early start on sourcing providers for specific locations and services.
  2. Then using the NEST ISP Network, a list of over 20,000 certified independent service providers, we hired highly vetted and certified contractors. These contractors are trained with mandatory webinars and videos specific to the client’s project, and are able to attend onsite test locations. By using our highly vetted and skilled network, we’re able to save time in scheduling, reduce costs, and mitigate any risks.
  3. To reduce fire safety costs, we implemented a fire protection program to deliver discounted costs on extinguishers and monitoring services.
  4. We also managed daily operations and progression updates, confirmed site completion, and resolved all challenges in a timely manner.
  5. To keep the client informed of the project’s progress, we provided customized process enhancement tools: facility management software, real-time access to services, a 24/7 command center, and daily updates on business analytics.

The results of the NEST maintenance management solution provided visibility to the client during the entire process. In the end, we were able to meet the target deadline for all locations, and costs were reduced through strategically hiring qualified service providers.

Get More Done With NEST’s Maintenance Management Solution

Many organizations do not have a construction maintenance management strategy. It’s the priority of NEST to create a strategy that ensures completion of construction projects on time, within budget, with no surprises. When you partner with NEST, we will provide you with a clear maintenance management strategy that:

  • Takes the guesswork out of expenses with a strategic consultative approach.
  • Utilizes financial acumen and business analytics to provide unique value strategies.
  • Helps you reduce your overhead and stay under budget.

What makes NEST different?

We say “no problem!” to high volume projects with tight deadlines and budgets. Our ISP Network of over 20,000 service providers allows us to pass on great savings to our clients and speed up processes by commissioning multiple locations in an area to local, certified, and proven contractors. We also provide a dedicated project manager who will work on the site and oversee your entire project from start to finish.

Ready to simplify your next retail rollout, remodel, or retrofit project? Breaking through maintenance management barriers is easy with NEST! Contact us to learn more.

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