Preventative Maintenance Tips for Winter

By: Bob Baumann, NEST Capital Improvements & Construction Manager The winter months may seem far away, but cold days and even colder nights are right around the corner for much of the country. In fact, forecasts for the upcoming winter season predict “freezing, frigid and frosty” conditions will affect large swaths of the Midwest, Northeast… Continue Reading >

Preventive Measures to Improve Your Facilities

By: Mark Hagan, Director of Operations, Trade Services In a perfect world, facilities managers would have all the time, resources, money and manpower necessary to craft a foolproof preventive maintenance plan. With this kind of proactive plan in place, they could accomplish all their FM goals and then some: Assets would receive routine tune-ups; long-term… Continue Reading >

5 KPIs to Measure Using Integrated Facilities Management Technology

By: Michael Toth, Chief Information Officer Leaders from all corners of the business world understand the importance of measuring performance. Without insight into your operations—both internal and external—you’ll never fully grasp what impact your business has on customers. Brand image is in the eye of the beholder, and consumers always have the option to shop… Continue Reading >

Fight Back Against Reactive Maintenance with Integrated Facilities Management

By: Jason Bishop Reactive maintenance—the act of repairing an asset after it has malfunctioned or broken down—is a defining characteristic of any facilities management (FM) program. A recent poll suggests 66 percent of facilities managers report that more than half of their maintenance efforts are spent on reactive tasks. While reactive maintenance serves a valid… Continue Reading >

Avoiding Waste to Reduce Facilities Costs

By: Mike Lapointe, EMS/HVAC Manager Reducing costs is an issue on the minds of many business leaders, from the CFO down to the facilities manager. Boosting productivity with increasingly limited resources is something many facilities teams and senior leaders struggle to do. Budget cuts, reduced staff and labor shortages in the facilities and construction sector… Continue Reading >

3 Ways CFOs Can Relieve Pressure to Cut Costs

By: Jason Cesare, Chief Financial Officer CFOs across all business verticals—from healthcare and education to retail and manufacturing—are feeling the pressure to cut costs and slash budgets. Reducing costs is difficult enough, but doing so without sacrificing the quality of your products and services adds another layer of complexity to an already complicated task. When… Continue Reading >

Tackling R&M with Integrated Facilities Management

By: Mark Hagan Repairs and maintenance, known in the industry as R&M, is the bread and butter of any business’s facilities management (FM) program. Coordinating with third party contractors, resolving repair requests and enacting routine maintenance measures all fall under the umbrella of R&M, and it’s typically the facilities manager’s job to oversee these operations…. Continue Reading >

What Is Integrated Facilities Management?

By: Rick Sung, Vice President Sales Avoiding operational silos is crucial for any enterprise, and it’s especially important for your facilities team. Getting stuck in a siloed rut, which can happen when individual employees or entire departments don’t have the tools they need to effectively collaborate, can lead to stifled progress and untapped opportunities. In… Continue Reading >

Mitigating Risk in Facilities Management

By: Philipp Kaeferle, General Counsel Risk is something every business leader must consider, manage and ideally mitigate in order to keep their enterprise and their patrons safe. It is also a topic on the minds of facilities managers, contractors and service providers, as these professionals must not only ensure the safety of a facility’s occupants,… Continue Reading >