Facilities Management: More Than Work Orders and Service Providers

By: Jason Bishop, Vice President Client Services If the role of facilities management (FM) was simply to maintain the status quo, FM professionals would have little to do beyond process work orders and complete repairs. But for facilities managers tasked with overseeing multiple sites and locations, work order tracking is only one component of a… Continue Reading >

3 Tips to Help Retail CFOs Manage Their Facilities

By: Jason Cesare, Chief Financial Officer Facilities management is one significant area of every retailer’s budget that’s somewhat variable. However, many CFOs don’t have the data they need to make the cost-saving adjustments to their FM spend that will impact the bottom line. Wrapping your arms around what’s happening across your network of stores is… Continue Reading >

Not Focused on Compliance? You’re Increasing Risk and Putting Your Brand on the Line

Compliance is king when managing multiple facilities. It can ensure your business is protected and ready for the unexpected, while also creating a consistent customer experience and maintaining the most effective workforce. Establishing consistent compliance measures across every facility can help identify weak points, scope of work issues and budget shortfalls while rewarding good performance…. Continue Reading >

Does The Same Old Hourly Rate Model Work For You? Probably Not.

The impetus for moving to a new facility management (FM) solution is most often cost—and with good reason. Business-owners are looking for ways to cut costs as competition in retail markets heats up. But choosing an FM solution that includes the same type of pricing structure you’ve always used—hourly rate—may not actually help you with… Continue Reading >

The Importance of Transforming Data into Actionable Results

How much did you spend on floor care last year? What about landscaping and roofing? If you use a technology platform to track and manage work orders across facilities, you likely have this type of information at your fingertips. Adding this layer of technology to your facilities management can help you to streamline processes, put… Continue Reading >

How to Find the Extra Two (or 10) Percent in Facilities Management

In retail, it’s no longer good enough to simply provide products for sale—online retailers can easily beat brick and mortar stores with a wider range of products, lower prices and the option for customers to shop from their phones anywhere and everywhere. Brick and mortar retailers have to provide an in-store experience that draws customers… Continue Reading >

The Future of NEST

By: Robert Almond, Jr. This past Sunday, we wrapped up over three weekends of holiday festivities. Our Florida party took place earlier this month. The following weekend, we threw our annual party at Auletto’s in Deptford, New Jersey. Between the two parties, we had upwards of 425 family members coming together to celebrate a banner… Continue Reading >

Why You Need Better Quality Assurance for Your FM Services

How much are you really doing in terms of quality assurance for your facility management services? From store layouts to the cleanliness of floors, quality assurance plays a big role in the overall customer experience, and that’s especially true for retail stores. Quality assurance (QA) is one of the most overlooked aspects of facility management… Continue Reading >

Preparing Your Facility for Floods and Hurricanes

By: Bob Baumann Natural disasters are often a reality check for many commercial businesses and their facilities, costing thousands of dollars in lost assets and emergency maintenance services. If recent hurricanes have prompted you to react, now is the best time to get a business continuity plan in place. Waiting to plan will only put… Continue Reading >

Cost Reduction vs. Cost Savings: There’s a BIG Difference!

By: Rick Sung Facility maintenance providers can throw out numbers that look great on paper, but what are they actually offering you? Is it a plan for cost reduction, or a true cost savings strategy that will cut back on your expenses? The confusion for many arises when the meanings of cost reduction and cost… Continue Reading >