Optimizing Your Facilities Management Workforce Through Automation

By: Bill Bub, Vice President of Operations Automation is one of those ubiquitous concepts that seems to have a place in nearly every industry, down to the most specialized niche. No matter who you talk to, whether it’s a tech-savvy service provider or a C-level executive, the benefits automation can provide are on the minds of… Continue Reading >

Pitching Facilities Management Solutions to Your Boss

By: Mark Hagan, Director of Operations, Trade Services Seasoned veterans of the facilities management (FM) business have borne witness to all kinds of transformations over the years. As new technologies and practices enter the fold, it can feel like change is the only constant in an evolving industry. Facilities managers who are attuned to the… Continue Reading >

When Do You Need a Facilities Management Platform?

By: Alexandra Bonanno Professionals across a range of different industries have benefited from the progression of technology, and facilities management (FM) is no exception. Thanks to advancements in cloud computing, machine learning and beyond, facilities managers are more equipped now than ever to accomplish everything from processing work orders to managing assets and scheduling preventive… Continue Reading >

Trending: Green and Sustainable Facilities Management

Beth Mooney, Director of Operations, Cleaning Services Terms like “sustainability” and “eco-friendly” have had consumers and businesses “going green” for years, and this trend of environmental responsibility shows no signs of slowing down. If anything, the green movement is steadily picking up steam. As far as trends go, this is one that touches many business… Continue Reading >

Best Practices in Construction Management

By: Bill Bub, Vice President of Operations To say that construction project managers (PMs) have a difficult job is an understatement. Beyond the general responsibilities any project manager would be accountable for, such as pre-project planning, budgeting and reporting, construction PMs are tasked with handling dozens of extraneous duties while overseeing large teams of workers…. Continue Reading >

Facilities Management: More Than Work Orders and Service Providers

By: Jason Bishop, Vice President Client Services If the role of facilities management (FM) was simply to maintain the status quo, FM professionals would have little to do beyond process work orders and complete repairs. But for facilities managers tasked with overseeing multiple sites and locations, work order tracking is only one component of a… Continue Reading >

3 Tips to Help Retail CFOs Manage Their Facilities

By: Jason Cesare, Chief Financial Officer Facilities management is one significant area of every retailer’s budget that’s somewhat variable. However, many CFOs don’t have the data they need to make the cost-saving adjustments to their FM spend that will impact the bottom line. Wrapping your arms around what’s happening across your network of stores is… Continue Reading >

Not Focused on Compliance? You’re Increasing Risk and Putting Your Brand on the Line

Compliance is king when managing multiple facilities. It can ensure your business is protected and ready for the unexpected, while also creating a consistent customer experience and maintaining the most effective workforce. Establishing consistent compliance measures across every facility can help identify weak points, scope of work issues and budget shortfalls while rewarding good performance…. Continue Reading >

Does The Same Old Hourly Rate Model Work For You? Probably Not.

The impetus for moving to a new facility management (FM) solution is most often cost—and with good reason. Business-owners are looking for ways to cut costs as competition in retail markets heats up. But choosing an FM solution that includes the same type of pricing structure you’ve always used—hourly rate—may not actually help you with… Continue Reading >