What Integrated Facilities Management Technology Looks Like in Action

By: Michael Toth, Chief Information Officer Drones. The Internet of Things. Machine learning. Blockchain. Artificial Intelligence. These buzzwords represent the cutting edge of technology as we know it, and they are just beginning to infiltrate the facilities management (FM) space. While AI, VR, IoT and other acronyms of this ilk mark the promise of exciting… Continue Reading >

The Pros and Cons of Outsourcing Your Facilities Management Program

By: Jason Bishop, VP Client Services  Making the decision to outsource your organization’s facilities management (FM) services takes careful consideration, planning and a thorough evaluation of your business goals. Many multi-site companies reach a point when their operations become so complex, and span so many different locations and geographic regions, that it’s nearly impossible to… Continue Reading >

Preparing for the Holiday Season in Retail

By: Karen Bassett, Assistant Director, Trade Services The holidays can be a productive—and hectic—time of year for facilities and operations professionals in the retail industry. It should come as no surprise that the holiday season is a boon for B2C businesses: The National Retail Federation reports that 20 to 40 percent of annual sales for… Continue Reading >

The Dangers of Deferred Maintenance

By: Mark Hagan, Director of Operations, Trade Services Most of today’s business leaders face tough challenges when it comes to juggling operational expectations and managing projects. In verticals like facilities management (FM), it can seem like there are never enough funds in the budget to tackle all the objectives on your list. As facilities managers… Continue Reading >

Quality Assurance and the Customer Experience

By: Lou Lagana, Quality Assurance Manager The retail environment as we know it is changing, and it’s the task of operations teams and their organizations to keep up. Despite the rise of ecommerce and online shopping, a slew of recent reports indicate consumers are buying from physical stores at an increased rate. In fact, 28… Continue Reading >

Checklist for Selecting the Right Integrated Facilities Management Provider

By: Rick Sung, Vice President of Sales Choosing whether your organization should manage an initiative in-house or partner with a third-party service provider is not an easy decision to make. While some businesses are equipped to handle facilities management (FM) without the helping hand of a dedicated FM partner, many multi-site companies with a national… Continue Reading >

Preventative Maintenance Tips for Winter

By: Bob Baumann, NEST Capital Improvements & Construction Manager The winter months may seem far away, but cold days and even colder nights are right around the corner for much of the country. In fact, forecasts for the upcoming winter season predict “freezing, frigid and frosty” conditions will affect large swaths of the Midwest, Northeast… Continue Reading >

Preventive Measures to Improve Your Facilities

By: Mark Hagan, Director of Operations, Trade Services In a perfect world, facilities managers would have all the time, resources, money and manpower necessary to craft a foolproof preventive maintenance plan. With this kind of proactive plan in place, they could accomplish all their FM goals and then some: Assets would receive routine tune-ups; long-term… Continue Reading >

5 KPIs to Measure Using Integrated Facilities Management Technology

By: Michael Toth, Chief Information Officer Leaders from all corners of the business world understand the importance of measuring performance. Without insight into your operations—both internal and external—you’ll never fully grasp what impact your business has on customers. Brand image is in the eye of the beholder, and consumers always have the option to shop… Continue Reading >