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How an Integrated Approach Can Transform Facilities Management

Integrated facilities management, or IFM, is helping organizations streamline processes and procedures, elevate FM teams and revolutionize the way multi-site companies do business.


Traditional Facilities Management

Integrated Facilities Management

Lack of technological tools leaves FM teams scrambling to aggregate and make sense of key data points

Reporting and analytics give facilities professionals and C-level leaders a bird’s eye view of patterns and trends affecting FM

Hourly rate model leads to higher costs (trip charges, overtime, emergency fees)

Total cost model (average work order cost approach) and industry benchmarking allow for financial visibility and planning

Shrinking maintenance teams stretch FM staff thin, forcing them to work at a purely tactical level

Robust operational infrastructure elevates processes and team members (tactical & strategic)

Disjointed systems and spreadsheets result in lost project information and operational silos

All facilities information from project facts and figures to budgeting details, is housed under one roof

A scarcity of qualified, insured service providers increases risk and can put a brand’s reputation in danger

With access to a national network of licensed, fully insured technicians, organizations always have a trusted service provider to turn to, wherever their business is located

Without insight into asset performance, it is difficult to make room in the budget for equipment repairs and replacements

Based on trends, leaders can better understand the total cost of ownership and anticipate future events — and how to budget for them

Without a true sense of how each business location operates, facilities leaders are ill-equipped to craft an organization-wide facilities-strategy

Consultative support from industry veterans leads organizations to make better, more informed decisions

Is Your Legacy FM Solution Costing You?