In 2010, Mattress Firm was growing at an exponential speed. Going from 500 stores to 4,000 in a short amount of time. They required a facilities management partner who could handle all maintenance needs for them, while the Mattress Firm team continued to operate with low facilities maintenance overhead.

The Situation

Mattress Firm had a decentralized approach to managing its services in a very reactive environment. The organization was in growth mode going through multiple acquisitions and the team was focusing on that. Due to this growth, they were unable to keep up with the growth of the store locations.  Inconsistent quality of service was a big result of their lack of focus. In addition, they had no system, process, or technology in place and no service provider vetting or compliance.

In the last four years, we have grown by over 1500 additional locations and NEST’s financial acumen and world-class customer service has been integral to our growth.

Sammy Butera, VP of Construction

The NEST Solution

The Mattress Firm Facilities Powered by NEST program was created from the ground up and managed by NEST. The program leveraged both the NEST ISP Network and some legacy Mattress Firm vendors.  Overall the program was designed to alleviate the tactical burden of day-to-day facilities operations so the Mattress Firm team could focus on store growth. NEST partnered with the Mattress Firm Leadership Team to present and educate store managers at their annual leadership conference to help with program success.

The NEST Integrated Facilities Management solution ensures both cost containment and consistent brand image for Mattress Firm through:

  • Managing recurring programs
  • Developing financial processes to include budget and forecasting methods
  • Customized process enhancement tools including software, real-time access to services, 24/7/365 command center, and business analytics

The Results

The Mattress Firm team was able to focus on its store growth and did not require any additional staff with NEST handling their operations.  The NEST program delivered true cost savings through reduced expenses on its largest spend categories. Over the years Mattress Firm has measured its savings on the ability to grow the stores while keeping the same amount of staff and without increasing the cost to do business year-over-year. NEST has also delivered on savings with no technology subscription fees.