The Situation

Electronics and appliance manufacturer was struggling in a competitive market. A new concept was designed to boost sales and brought together their appliance and facilities divisions. This Open House display concept was a high-profile concept that had critical dates to meet. A construction partner was sought to manage the logistical challenges faced by working in a big box retailer and could complete 300 locations in a 2-phased project in 60 days.

The superior levels of success were a result of this rollout and it could not have been achieved without NEST working in conjunction with the internal team to “make it happen.” Our success is due to methodical planning, superior execution, and meticulous attention to detail.

Senior Director of Store Development

The NEST Solution

The NEST Construction and Projects team developed a formal scope of work with the goals of cost containment, timeliness, and consistent brand image. A NEST Project Manager was appointed to lead 24/7 and be on hand for site visits. Together the NEST Project Manager and Client walked through the store to work out the details and draw up a formal plan to train the providers. Training was held via webcast to review scope of the work and detailed site materials.

Our client was kept up to speed on project status via daily morning reports that included site photos. In addition, they had on-demand access to customer process enhancement tools: software, real-time access to services, 24/7 command center, and business analytics.

The Results

All stores were completed within the compressed timeline without requiring any recalls on the project and lost time. The client teams were able to focus on strategic growth while the NEST team managed the project and served as their brand guardian. The appliance division now had formalized standards as a result of NEST supervising.