Drones. The Internet of Things. Machine learning. Blockchain. Artificial Intelligence. These buzzwords represent the cutting edge of technology as we know it, and they are just beginning to infiltrate the facilities management (FM) space. While AI, VR, IoT and other acronyms of this ilk mark the promise of exciting things to come, many of these technologies are still in their infancy and have a long way to go before they can bring true value to an organization’s facilities program.

That’s not to say that these technological advances won’t be effective in the future. The use of drones in FM, for example, could allow facilities professionals and service providers to perform roof inspections without having to waste time and money on scaffolding. Drones can also capture high-resolution aerial photos of facilities, which could be used down the line to create intricate 3D maps.

Although this type of fledgling, future-focused tech still has a long way to go, the time-tested facilities software available today only continues to get more intuitive, user-friendly and easier to implement.

Here are just a few of the ways this software can shift your FM program from a siloed operation to an integrated, data-driven branch of your business:

Data Collection Goes Mobile

Because facilities managers are always on the go, they need access to data when they’re not at their desks. Whether they’re out on the sales floor, or commuting from one business location to another, project details should never be more than a few clicks or taps away.

Mobile apps and browser-based systems have replaced paper records, allowing facilities professionals and business leaders alike to review asset and project information, work order status, on-site photos and more from their phones or tablets. It also streamlines communication by reducing the amount of time these professionals spend on the phone relaying project updates or traveling to various locations to check on repairs.

Dashboard Reporting Increases Program Transparency

Integrated facilities management (IFM) software is equipped with advanced reporting features that take the guesswork out of making operational decisions. Many IFM software options allow you to customize your dashboards and reports, giving you ultimate control over which data sets you use and when. With different views for different user types, everyone from the COO to your service provider has access to the real-time data they need.

Predictive Analytics Help Future-Proof Your FM Program

Analytics takes data usage a step further by enabling users to forecast the future based on historical trends and patterns. Depending on your organization’s priorities, you can use predictive analytics to plan your next preventive maintenance schedule, FM budget or both. Forecasting and projecting IFM expenses with the aid of IFM software gives organizations the ability to predict outcomes with increasing accuracy.

For facilities leaders managing multiple business locations, technology is becoming an even bigger part of their day-to-day jobs. Integrated facilities software is paving the way for even more innovative and advanced technologies that will continue to elevate FM to new heights.

The future success of dealing with your FM expenses will be based on the ability to understand a leverage DATA!

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