James Muller joined NEST’s Board of Directors in 2013 bringing over 50 years of experience in the organization and reorganizations of small and medium sized businesses. His skills place a great emphasis on financial planning and goal setting, which translates well into strategizing how clients can optimize budgets and reduce their overhead during reorganizations.

Prior to joining NEST, Jim had an extremely dedicated and successful career in commercial law. After some time in the retail business, Jim was accepted at the prestigious Brown University on an academic scholarship and later went on to attend the Law School of the University of Pennsylvania. After graduating and passing the bar examination in 1956, he was hired as a young lawyer by the firm Epstein and Fluharty in Camden, New Jersey, where he started his specialization in general commercial practice. From there, James moved on to become a partner at another firm and was later a founding partner of the law firm Muller and Kancher in 1975. When the firm dissolved in 1992, James left his practice to become a solo practitioner. He retired from active practice at the end of 2015.

James’s experience in goal setting and planning has brought invaluable wisdom to NEST’s Board of Directors. In the past, James served as a solicitor to various Boards of Education, and he has managed numerous union negotiations and the building of two schools. From reviewing construction contracts and meeting deadlines, to acting as co-counsel in the raising of funds, James has played an integral role as a member and strategist during his tenure as a Board Solicitor.