Gloucester City, NJ- On Wednesday June 15th, the NEST leadership team participated in an on-site training session led by Steven Singer the founder of Philadelphia’s premier celebrity jewelry destination, Steven Singer Jewelers. This session focused on topics such as a customer centric workplace, overcoming commoditization, adapting to change and impactful marketing. Singer illustrated the importance of these topics by sharing his personal stories and lessons acquired throughout the thirty plus years his brand has been in business.

Since it’s origination in 1980, Singers’ forward-thinking and unwavering commitment to quality solidified Steven Singer Jewelers a spot on one of the most historically competitive streets in the jewelry industry, Jewelers Row. With a company culture rooted in the same philosophy that is practiced at NEST, a collaborative discussion with Singer allowed for the sharing of ideas and business-related candor which Singer claims to be the biggest secret to any successful organization.

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