Rob Almond weighs in on sourcing retail facility maintenance in the recent article, “Retailer and Supplier Experiences from the Front Lines of Sourcing Retail FM” …

“Although we see instances where Total Cost of Ownership is paramount, I believe there is still a void to where companies, through the procurement process, are focused on cost as the driving priority. In response to that approach, I believe in showing the customer a complete, transparent view on what it actually costs to deliver on the expected results and show what you get for the service. The customer should then compare that view against the other bidders, especially the lowest bidder, and then ask themselves again what kind of results are they expecting to get from their investment? Using a consultative approach allows the supplier to be transparent with the potential customer while building credibility and trust throughout the process.”

CLICK HERE to read the full article in the March/April issue of Professional Retail Store Maintenance.

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