Alex Bonanno

Alex Bonanno was promoted to Director of Training and Development in 2018, applying more than 11 years within the facilities management industry in a variety of roles including operations, human resources, and training. Her goal while at NEST is to build a best-in-class corporate training program that rivals top companies. Alex’s strength is her ability to create an innovative curriculum and package it into easily digestible sessions to quickly onboard new employees as well as elevate experienced employees into leadership roles. Her insight into every aspect of the company makes reaching company goals much easier for the employees.

During her tenure at NEST, Alex successfully built NEST University from the ground up, the branch of the organization that is responsible for talent development. In 2017, her department delivered 5.9 hours of training per employee, double what Fortune 500 companies offer. A three-time winner of the Shining Star Award, she won the coveted Executive Choice Award, People’s Choice Award and was promoted to Corporate Trainer in 2010. Alex is instrumental in leveraging top educational theories and methodologies to design impactful training programs integrating onsite and virtual training sessions for a variety of audiences including employees, independent service providers, and clients. Alex designed and implemented the Individual Development Plan program within the organization, a career growth program for internal staff that allows them to transition to leadership through a series of developmental activities. She was also a key member of the team to create the user interface within the database of NEST Facilitate.

Alex is a graduate of Rowan University with a dual major in Education and English. She is a proud volunteer of Gloucester County Habitat for Humanity, MS Society, and Ronald McDonald House Charities. When not at work, you can find her reading a book or planning her next trip to Disney World.