By: Alexandra Bonanno, Michael Cannistra and Michael Miller

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Most people start a business to be their own boss and to grow. But it’s not easy for a facilities services provider to conduct his or her business, market to find new clients, maintain billing and accounting, and keep up with the latest technology to remain in demand, all at the same time.

Enter “The NEST Method”. Our Independent Service Provider (ISP) network provides opportunity, infrastructure, and support that allows these professionals to succeed and grow. Joining our network provides multiple benefits as opposed to solely working as an independent operator.

Through our scope and network, our ISPs, most of whom are entrepreneurs, can gain access to some of the largest corporations in North America. Our clients operate hundreds or even thousands of locations and don’t have the time or personnel to perform background checks on every service provider. Instead, these corporations trust us to deal with risk mitigation by supplying quality, properly vetted and insured professionals to meet their needs – and that opens up these opportunities to the very same providers who may not have been considered before.

In addition, we strive to eliminate or streamline our ISPs’ administrative tasks. They no longer bill multiple clients, and spend time monitoring and tracking down payments – at least for the clients, they service through us. NEST takes care of the invoicing and payments, even to remitting monies by direct deposit to get it to our members faster. We also undertake marketing and advertising tasks that, while important to growth, take time away from serving clients. And with our international reach and needs, we often can obtain preferred pricing for materials for our ISPs, saving costs all around.


But the most important benefit we provide our ISPs is our state of the art technology platform, which helps them schedule, manage and report on their work to us. We supply each ISP with the proper equipment, conduct portal training, and ensure everything is up to date so that they can track a job’s progress. Perhaps most important to our ISPs, this technology is provided free of charge – we invest in technology and our Independent Service Provider network so that we can all grow together.

And yes, we monitor our ISPs and insist on accountability and quality control – which true professionals provide anyway. So far, most have found it a pretty good exchange because we’re as invested in their success as they are.

The results speak for themselves: Many of our ISPs have expanded rapidly and exponentially. Jason Mazzer Plumbing joined NEST in 2012 with three employees; after three years and multiple new clients through NEST, they’ve hired 12 more team members and expanded their services beyond HVAC and plumbing to grease trap pumping and backflow testing. Floor maintenance company Fresh-N-Clean joined the network in 2009 with seven employees and two NEST Clients. Today, they service 55 NEST clients, have expanded services to include janitorial, window cleaning and more, and have 27 employees. BuBu Cleaning has grown from a team of four when it joined NEST in 2014 to 20 employees today!

And NEST is growing, too, adding new ISPs in all specialties in all regions of the United States. Many come to us through referrals by colleagues or chambers of commerce, while others simply call and introduce themselves. We follow up on every contact, with each going through a careful vetting process. This is a huge benefit to our clients: They know that every provider on their project has the appropriate insurances, has undergone a rigorous background check, and is more than qualified to handle whatever challenge comes along, including participating more fully in strategic planning. As early adopters of technology, our clients also know that we can pass on every efficiency, lowering their costs.

And clients know that NEST is behind our ISPs all the way, with a quality assurance team and operation team members who are available 24/7. We consider our clients and our ISPs members of the NEST family – and like family, we’re always there to help.

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