If you’ve ever shopped around for a facilities management (FM) platform, service or vendor, you’ve likely encountered this familiar sales pitch: We’re the “No.1” solution in the industry! “Leading provider” and “top choice” are other popular catch phrases used across the FM marketplace, but what do they mean, exactly? And furthermore, who decides which company falls into the No.1 slot?

At NEST, we’re less concerned about status and slogans, and more focused on providing value to our clients—in fact, that’s one of our core tenets, and it’s a value proposition our team lives and breathes every day.

At the heart of our client-centric culture is our commitment to being a true partner to our customers. This means we go above and beyond to ensure that they’re not only saving money and reducing FM expenses, but that their operations are running smoothly and efficiently.

Strategic Guidance vs. Insufficient Support

One of the hardest nuts to crack for most facilities teams is figuring out how to split their time between the tactical—fulfilling maintenance requests, managing work orders, securing providers—and the strategic—building budgets, evaluating data and spotting trends that could lead to operational efficiencies.

NEST’s leadership team is composed of retail veterans and industry leaders who have deep experience in dealing with these strategic issues, using that expertise to help FMs move their own programs forward. Our team has led strategic, operational and financial initiatives across a range of brands, from Spencer Gifts to David’s Bridal. However, the same cannot be said of many competing multi-facility management providers who tout their technological prowess, but lack the skill to truly guide and advise their clients. These providers often provide a technology platform, but little else in the way of support, consulting or leadership.

At NEST, leadership isn’t relegated solely to our chief officers—we employ a robust account management strategy to support FM teams and help them accomplish their most ambitious goals. Whether you’ve got a team of FM coordinators or you’re flying solo, our account managers dedicate a significant portion of their time to handling service requests, ensuring your brand standards are met, coordinating with providers and investigating issues as they arise. This kind of in-depth support is invaluable to businesses juggling multiple priorities, particularly those with limited staff and resources.

24/7 Command Center vs. Second-rate Customer Service

Customer service is a frequent sticking point for companies seeking support or answers to their questions. We’ve all been there: Perhaps it’s an odd hour of the day, or your question requires some explanation and you need to talk to a real, live human to ensure the issue is resolved. Where do you turn?

While most competing FM providers only offer email support or instant chatbots, NEST provides a U.S.-based operations team, which operates round-the-clock 365 days a year to ensure your issues get resolved quickly and efficiently. And further, they safeguard and ensure clients’ business rules and protocols are followed. What’s more, many of the complaints companies have about competing providers’ customer service capabilities—slow response times, unhelpful representatives and a lack of insight into brand standards—aren’t an issue for NEST’s highly trained customer service team. 

Quality Assurance vs. Lack of Oversight

Quality assurance (QA) is a rarity in the FM world. Most competing providers simply don’t include quality assurance as part of their service offerings, but with NEST, it’s a key part of the integrated facilities management (IFM) program.

In contrast to most FM providers, NEST’s QA managers are heavily involved, starting on Day 1, and remain active in clients’ locations during the life of their program, spot-checking services to drive performance. They are the “boots on the ground” that monitor, coach and educate our service providers on specifications to ensure every last box is checked.

Seeking the right facilities provider takes a good deal of time and research—and if you don’t vet your prospective provider carefully, you could wind up with a case of buyer’s remorse. No two FM providers are the same, so be sure to look for one that can act as a true partner and has your company’s best interests at heart.


Mark Hagan

Mark A. Hagan, Jr. joined NEST in 2008 and has advanced his career from Operations Team Member to his most recent role as Director of Account Management where he is responsible for leading over 40+ command center associates on behalf of retail clients. During his...

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