For many contractors working in the maintenance and facilities management (FM) field, there comes a time when growth becomes a top priority. All savvy business owners strive to grow in some capacity—in size, staff and almost always in revenue—but not all contractors, or independent service providers (ISPs), are equipped to single-handedly attract dozens of new prospects on their own. With skilled FM labor on the decline, attracting qualified workers becomes a challenge, too, leaving ISPs with fewer resources and less time to pursue new business opportunities.

Enter NEST: a trusted partner to ISPs nationwide who seek to grow and manage their business in a scalable way. NEST’s broad client base, which includes top brands and enterprise corporations, gives local providers the opportunity to service large entities that they’d otherwise not have access to. Thanks to NEST’s enterprise-wide solution with advanced technology platform, ISPs can track work orders from start to finish, record pertinent project updates on the fly, run custom reports and analytics, and process payments—all without sacrificing additional capital for “tech fees” commonly charged by other FM technology platforms.

With these tools in hand, ISPs are poised to accomplish their goals, whatever they may be. For one regional janitorial service provider, the idea of maintaining control over their operations while also streamlining processes for maximum efficiency was appealing.

“When you’re accustomed to doing things your own way, you’re never sure what to expect when bringing in an outside FM partner,” explains the Owner. “But it turns out they weren’t an ‘outside’ partner at all; the NEST team felt like an extension of our own.”

Since joining forces with NEST over five years ago, this ISP was able to increase their client count by taking on a local yet sizable bank chain. After this initial success, the ISP continued to make business gains and improve their internal operations simultaneously.

“We are always striving to better serve our clients, and with NEST, we’re rewarded for our efforts,” leadership reveals. “By consistently meeting, and often exceeding, the benchmarks NEST sets for all their ISPs, we’ve enjoyed a steady stream of work.”

One of the ISPs biggest “firsts” was working with a tech-forward FM partner and utilizing a cloud-based solution. However, technology alone cannot spur meaningful change, and ISPs need support if they’re going to truly benefit from an integrated FM approach. After all, a partnership requires cooperation from both parties involved. This goes for the notion of accountability, as well—NEST and their network of providers are equally beholden by their duty to provide exceptional service to their mutual clients.

ISPs in other industries have plenty of success stories to tell, too. In fact, one local plumbing operation was able to make inroads in the corporate sector after gaining access to NEST’s extensive connections in the space. Prior to their partnership, the plumbing company was focused primarily on smaller scale residential jobs. NEST introduced the ISP to a range of corporate accounts, and with their help, the ISP was able to grow one of their initial corporate engagements from a handful of sites to 130 individual locations. Without NEST, accessing this and other accounts would have been nearly impossible for the ISP at the time.

For leaders like the Owner of the regional janitorial services provider, it’s important to feel as if your organization’s needs are being considered at all times.

“Having that human element—whenever I call, I speak with a personal representative—combined with the technology platform is what makes NEST different from any other vendor we work with.”

To find out more about how you can join NEST’s team of expert service providers, drop us a line and we’ll be in touch.

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