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From Tools to Tactics: Understanding the Difference Between Technology and Process

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September 20, 2023 | 12 pm ET

When the right technology and processes are joined together FM Programs Thrive

Technology can help make everyone in FM more efficient, from scheduling, to sourcing, to data analysis. However, that does not always mean it should be used as a standalone solution. While technology can be a powerful tool to improve efficiency and reduce costs, it is not a replacement for well-designed processes and the teams behind them. 

Join us for an engaging conversation with renowned industry pioneers who have successfully harnessed the power of technology, people, and streamlined processes to optimize their Facilities Management programs.

Follow as our esteemed panel of guests answer important questions such as: 

  • How does technology play a part in addressing challenges to help make your team more strategic? 
  • How do you hold your location teams accountable and drive technology adoption? 
  • What are common misconceptions people have in regards to technology in the FM Space and how to combat them?

Meet the Panelists

Craig Circle

Craig Heynes

Facilities Manager


Mark Circle

Mark Galasso

Senior Manager, Facilities & Helium
Party City

Alex Circle

Alex Bonanno

NEST Facilitate Product Manager 
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