The Situation

This specialized retailer operated just under 1,000 regional locations, but its facilities management (FM) department struggled to keep up with demand due to limited staff and resources. Lacking an efficient FM structure, the retailer experienced inconsistent quality of service from vendors, and the FM team was unable to track vendor compliance, report on key performance indicators (KPIs) to help contain costs or streamline pricing across all services and locations.

The NEST Solution

The NEST Integrated Facilities Management program transformed the specialty retailer’s FM operations from top to bottom. Now, recurring programs are structured and managed to ensure cost savings and maintain a consistent brand image across store locations. The NEST Command Center handles all service requests from inception to closure and ensures the NEST ISP Network and the fixed pricing model meet expectations.

Through technology and analytics, the client now has full end-to-end visibility into the program, with NEST Facilitate providing on-demand access to real-time services. Additionally, a set of weekly, monthly and quarterly financial and performance reports were developed to track service level agreements (SLAs) and KPIs.

The Results

This retailer very quickly saw a change in their operations that elevated their facility management capabilities. With NEST serving as the guardian of the brand image, the FM team has been empowered to shift to a more strategic role and has not needed to hire additional staff. The retailer saw a significant expense reduction in its largest spend categories and developed savings initiatives. In addition, NEST helped the retailer create benchmark programs across all trade services.