The Situation

Retail Pop Up stores are a great way for retailers to stay fresh these days but opening 250+ stores around the country – all at the same time – poses a logistical challenge for the construction team. This seasonal pop up store was looking for a partner that could open the location between August and September in only 1 day per location. Part of the challenge was the conditions of each location was unknown at onset, and there was a different scope of work and opening date for each. Depending on the previous tenant, some locations had materials and fixtures that had to be broken down before the new store could be opened.

The scope of work included: electrical for cash wraps and displays, safe installation, fixture installation, fire protection/monitoring, certification of extinguishers, and HVAC inspection. In addition, HVAC, electrical, and fire were to be brought up to code for Certificate of Occupation with city codes varying by state and municipality.

All repair and maintenance to be managed once location opened.

To sum up 2018 temp build outs: when planning met execution and our goals were realized, we had a winning scenario. We’re going to crush it in 2019!

Director, Construction

The NEST Solution

The NEST Construction and Projects team worked closely with the store Director of Operations to prioritize the weekly list of locations to service and open. Progress was streamlined and costs were
reduced by strategically hiring dedicated Service Providers familiar with the brand, and that were able to handle a group of locations and services, we were able to save the client time in scheduling and execution. A fire protection program was created to deliver discounts on extinguishers and monitoring services and NEST development benchmark pricing for electrical services.

The NEST project manager handled daily operations and progression updates, confirmed site completion and resolved any challenges in a timely manner; while the client had access to industry leading process enhancement tools including work order software, real-time access services, 24/7 command center and business analytics.

The Results

All locations were completed on-budget and within project scope and schedule. Daily repair and maintenance was coordinated with the NEST Command Center 24/7 once locations were open. With access to NEST Facilitate, the client had full project visibility across all service disciplines and pulled quality data to produce reporting and analytics.