The Situation

Rite Aid, a U.S.-based drugstore chain, was struggling to maintain a structured, organized cleaning program across its stores. This was of particular concern in the chain’s larger city locations, where stores struggled to compete against other local drugstores due to a poor consumer shopping experience. Some city locations appeared unsanitary and had unfinished repairs and damaged exteriors—oftentimes resulting in trash fines and violations. Management struggled to remedy the problems and as a result, avoidable expenses skyrocketed. One of the biggest challenges was increased costs during the winter months due to weather-related issues, such as frozen pipes.

The NEST Solution

NEST overhauled Rite Aid’s cleaning program. With a newly implemented sanitation framework, NEST created a streamlined work order process for power washing, window washing and canopy cleaning. Additionally, this partnership gave Rite Aid the support and expertise it needed to develop and execute centralized floor care and handyman programs. By managing the site surveys for control of the aforementioned assets, NEST’s quality assurance team was able to not only establish a winterization program to stabilize expenses, but also help Rite Aid elevate its brand image at both the operational and local level.

The Results

Through NEST’s partnership, Rite Aid saw an instant and significant positive change in brand image and corporate citizenship. Across the entire Rid Aid network, overall repairs and city violations decreased by 20 percent. Most notably, stores located within city limits saw a 35 percent decrease in violations due to NEST’s exterior cleanliness initiative. This partnership also helped Rite Aid reduce budget costs and expenses by 15 percent thanks to its winterization program.