The Situation

This retailer’s growth model had them expanding at a rapid pace, while also needing to focus on building their brand in the market. They required a partner who could maintain all their facilities and allow them to focus on more strategic initiatives.

The unique offering of this specialty retailer requires them to have access to providers who can repair their equipment in a moment’s notice or else it means significant downtime which in turn, leads to lost revenue.

The hands-on interaction with the children is what drives this retailer’s customer experience. A major requirement of the IFM partner selected was that they could uphold their unique brand standards and operational excellence.

While no relationship between vendor and customer always runs perfectly, NEST goes the extra mile to make sure that issues are resolved quickly, that nothing stands in the way of our customers being able to have an enjoyable experience in our store. And our maintenance team knows they are a partner they can count on.

Director - Construction & Facilities

The NEST Solution

NEST designed an innovative solution to repair the stores’ unique equipment that cut down on downtime. Independent Service Providers were trained by the NEST team in the store’s regions to understand their brand, customer experience, and equipment through both in-person and video trainings. An operational process was developed to ensure materials that were required more often are always fully stocked to immediately remedy an emergency.

This client has full access to industry-leading technology to track equipment warranties and a number of repairs per location and piece of equipment.  NEST also manages their recurring programs to ensure cost containment and overall consistent brand image.

The Results

Upon solution on-boarding, this client had a fully integrated solution with technology at no additional cost to them to manage work orders.  Being a NEST client since 2002, they built a strategic partnership over the years with extensive financial consulting that changes their mindset by managing their entire FM budget rather than each budget line item.

Through the development of a deferred maintenance program, they were able to control program costs with no additional staff requirements.  The NEST customized technology solution gives them analytics and reporting to manage the entire FM budget.