The Situation

This regional financial institution had a facilities department that had no management structure and operational procedures in place.  Due to this, costs were all over the place as there was no operational or financial data analytics in place and they were experiencing price variability across all branches, as a result.

There was a lack of defined service levels and KPIs, inconsistent scopes of work and service results for all branches, inconsistent service delivery with brand managers making agreements with service providers, and inconsistent invoicing from each Service Provider. Their small team could not manage and support current operations.

We saw a facility cost savings of over 14%, increased brand image consistency, and greater effectiveness in brand managers with the burden of facility maintenance management lifted.

Executive Vice President

The NEST Solution

NEST absorbed the client’s existing Service Providers into the NEST Independent Service Provider (ISP) Network. Upon doing this, the NEST Compliance Team could go through the process of vetting all providers and managing the keys/codes for each branch.  In addition, they oversaw risk mitigation to verify and management insurance and background checks, alleviating this burden from the client.

NEST began servicing this client relationship by managing 34 branches with 3-day and 5-day janitorial services including window cleaning and floor care. A unique program model was developed with a cost-by-branch / per-square-foot model. Each branch now experienced consistent levels of service for all tasks. NEST project managers oversaw the program 24/7 and were available for site visits.  Invoices were streamlined and consolidated with the goal of cost reduction.

The Results

The NEST team drove 14% overall program cost savings and has continued to sustain that over 10 years of partnering with this client.  The program was transformed into a fixed budget and proactive approach to cut expenses; predictive billing has also led to significant cost savings.  The client team was able to elevate their effectiveness by eliminating Service Provider management and risk to NEST and gaining access to technology with real-time access to all operational and financial data – at no extra cost.