Administration Services

NEST’s Administration Services include business optimization and brand protection solutions from our NEST Consult™ team. Developing a seamless process for our clients and continuously identifying efficiencies are the ways in which we proudly serve our clients and drive the overall success of their programs.

NEST takes the time to properly develop, enhance, and streamline our process to ensure that our clients are getting the most out of every facility maintenance dollar. Our team of domain experts will work one on one with clients at no additional charge to develop customize pricing strategies, operational processes, and specifications to optimize their success and allow the client to meet their key budgetary goals.


NEST is committed to identifying new ways for clients to reduce expenses while improving service levels. One way we achieve this is by compressing costs through this benchmark pricing approach, which creates a proven way to establish fixed pricing levels for specific services, reduces price variability across the country and saves significant money to the bottom line.

Here are just some of the benefits of working with NEST to establish your very own benchmark pricing program for trade services:

  • Identification of Cost Savings – NEST strives to pass along the highest savings possible while maintaining your service levels. On average, we save our retailers 12% off their current spend.
  • Reduction of Price Variability – Eliminate the frustrations with hourly rates and the lack of control over your vendor’s time on site to complete the request. Your cost is a low benchmarked price directly related to the specific problem code.
  • Peace of Mind – NEST will manage the entire project and will actively monitor your service levels and call trending. This fixed fee approach also improves service delivery results by eliminating the need for pricing approvals.
  • Budgetary Compliance – We monitor and track your repair trending on a store, region, and service level so you can make effective financial decisions. We track all transactions, spending and use data to assist in your fiscal budgetary decisions.
  • Recommendations for Improvements – NEST will provide you with expert recommendations for operational improvements and efficiencies.


NEST International has an unwavering focus on continuous process improvement. Our many initiatives, from creating a paperless environment, to integrating our work order management platform with third party management systems have driven NEST to achieve unmatched levels of efficiency in the industry.


No two clients have the same requirements- all programs at NEST are unique and have been customized to suit the needs of our clients. Here are some aspects of our programs that can be designed to support your needs:

  • Accounting procedures and consolidated invoicing options
  • Approval process for on-demand service calls
  • Cleaning product requirements
  • Customized reporting — operational and financial
  • Frequency of review sessions with your account manager
  • Price points and not to exceed guidelines
  • Quality Assurance presence in the field
  • Service Level Agreements and response time parameters
  • Service specifications and custom programs specific to your brand and/or equipment
  • And so much more!