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Getting More From Business Technologies in 2017


September 12, 2016     2 minute read

By: Jon Brumbaugh

As the year races to an end, it’s time to start looking ahead to 2017. At this point, it’s always important to clarify your vision for the company’s success in the coming year and prioritize the initiatives that will be critical to execute on in order to achieve your goals. While you probably have requests from multiple department heads asking for additional budget room for new equipment and technologies, start first by considering which solutions will help to reduce your operational costs. Then, use that additional budget to invest in other important areas as needed. With the rapid development of new technologies, improved business software with greater capabilities have become available free of cost. If you haven’t already, it’s time to start getting more, for less.

Achieving More With Smarter Technologies

With technology becoming more efficient and affordable, you should ask yourself if your systems are comparable to the competitors in your industry. Do they give you a competitive advantage? Are you saving on and reallocating maintenance budgets? Think of the impact that using better technology can have on your business. Are you able to view budget and expenditure reports from all your locations? Are the reports detailed, consolidated, and easy to manage? Take a look at your reports now. Are they easy to retrieve when you need them? Do they only include details on major expenditures and leave you with a big “other” category?

When reevaluating for 2017, you should make sure your technology is working for you, and not the other way around. Technology that helps you do more will save you more. Imagine if your facility management software could reduce your maintenance budget. What would that additional savings allow your company to achieve? You can’t prevent maintenance from happening, but you can implement better tools and software that help reduce your costs and make managing them easier.

What Better Facility Management Software Can Do for You

When using the right facility management software, you’ll be able to focus less on finding ways to cut costs and more time on improving your business and budget strategies. That’s why NEST has developed Facilitate, a cloud-based computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) that will allow you to efficiently manage all of your facilities’ reports and vendors regardless of where you are. NEST Facilitate consolidates facility management by giving users the ability to view all facilities’ reports, account for their assets, and manage their vendors all within one management portal. This makes it a lot easier to see trends in expenditures and places where your budget can be reallocated. Having a software to help you manage your reports will make it easy for you to find the areas of your facilities that need additional budgeting and what areas of your budget that can be deferred.


NEST Facilitate is just one piece of an even greater resource. While the software itself will help you manage, reallocate, and save on your yearly budget, it can also be integrated with our own Independent Service Provider (ISP) network, saving you even more on your facility maintenance costs. Looking to get a head start on your technology for 2017? Contact us today!

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